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Click4xerve is a company that offers Outsourcing and Information Technology services to clients in various countries such as India, USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe. Our company is a registered trademark of "Click4xerve" and is based in Noida, India. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional services to our clients and work alongside them to enhance their business performance by ensuring a positive customer experience. We prioritize delivering high-quality services that meet the specific needs of our clients and help them achieve their business goals.

We set our target as

Responsibility towards Consumers | Meeting Customer Expectations | Transform Customer Experience

For the past 12+ years, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the field of Ed. Tech and Travels, providing top-notch services to clients in various countries. In addition to that, we have also been offering high-quality BPO, KPO, Call Centre and IT-related services to clients in the same countries for the past 12+ years. Our team of qualified professionals possesses exceptional knowledge and expertise, which has allowed us to deliver outstanding results to our clients

Click4xerve — Service Umbrella.

Our business strategy centers around five key areas of focus, which we will continue to prioritize in the six major business destinations of India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe. These areas of focus have been carefully selected to align with our strengths and to meet the demands of our clients. By maintaining this focused approach, we aim to deliver high-quality services and establish ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses operating in these regions.


Building Sustainable, Transparent, Innovative, and Profitable Outsourcing Relationships. Established Documentation for Operations, Quality Assurance, and IT Processes/Systems. Adaptive Engagement Models for Outsourcing Solutions. Demonstrated Ability for Rapid Scalability and Onboarding of Resources. Utilizing State-of-the-Art Technology to Drive Business Success. Ensuring 100% Uptime with Redundant Point-to-Point Circuits. Metrics-Driven Operations Aligned with Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Implementing a Phased Transition Approach for Seamless Process Migration. Expertly Managed Operations with Extensive Professional Expertise.


US | UK | INDIA - Leveraging Time Zone Advantage for 24x7 Service Delivery and Skilled Workforce. Plot: H-49, 2nd Floor Office-1 Sector-63 Noida-201301 Convenient Employee Access and Safe, Secure Workplace Environment.

Empowering Innovation Through a Converged Global Network.

  • TOUCH Unified Communication System, brought to you by Click4xerve. This comprehensive solution is designed to elevate productivity, streamline operations, and optimize customer interactions. With its powerful features including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive Dialer, Call Recording, and Quality Monitoring, TOUCH revolutionizes the way businesses communicate.
  • 100% call recording.
  • 8 MBPS Data pipe.
  • 16 PRI lines with facility to expand upto 96 PRI Lines.
  • 4 SIP trunk.
  • All agents on SIP Softphone.
  • Inbound capacity:
  • Toll Free and Geography specific Toll Numbers.
  • VPN Connectivity to clients for secured communication.

Customer requirement based recruitment.

Hiring & Soft Skill Training – 2 weeks

  • Specific process oriented training – 3-5 days
  • Technology upgrade if required – 2 weeks

  • Assessment of Candidates: Evaluating English Language Proficiency and Ability to Manage Challenging Scenarios.
  • Ongoing Training: Enhancing Knowledge and Skills through Continuous Development.
  • Effective Monitoring and Contractual Compliance: Utilizing Top-tier Tools and Leadership Reviews.
  • Performance Evaluation and Immediate Feedback: Assessing 5 Calls per Agent per Week and Providing Instantaneous Feedback.
  • Evaluation Methods: Utilizing Side-by-Side, Remote, and Screen Capture Techniques to Assess Agents.

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